Scouting It Forward

Creating a Better World, One Good Deed at a Time

About Scouting It Forward

Each year, Scouts in Singapore take part in ‘Job Week’, an annual fundraiser held in support of the Scouting Movement. Through the act of service, Scouts get to appreciate and understand the value of their labour through fulfilling pledges. 

This year, several Scouting activities (including Job Week) had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to innovate and adapt our old ways. Staying committed to our mission in creating a better world through youth empowerment, we created Scouting It Forward (SIF). 

Akin to ‘paying it forward’, SIF seeks to multiply the effect of a good deed done by multifolds. As an online platform, we provide a safe way for Scouts to carry on fundraising for their own Scouting activities. Donors may choose for Scouts to complete certain tasks for them or nominate for Scouts to pledge and carry out community service with our Charitable Organisation Partners. 

A simple act goes a long way. Your donation supports us in our Scouting mission and benefits our society at large.

A Message From Our Chief Scout

How It Works

Click "Donate Now"

Supporting a particular Scout / Scout Unit?

Select “Scout” or “Unit” and quote their referral code when making your donation. For general donation, select “Not Applicable”.

Select the Task

Here, you have 3 options to choose from:

Service Task: Select from our list of Charitable Organisations. Our Scouts will carry out your nominated community service task, multiplying the effect of your good deed. For Service Tasks, donations are at a minimum of S$50. 

Personal Task: Nominate for a Scout that you are supporting to complete a personal task (e.g. car washing, gardening) for you. For Personal Tasks, donations are at a minimum of S$10. 

Donation Only: Select this option to make a donation without engaging our Scouts in any task.

Proceed to Payment

If you have selected a Unit in Step 1, your payment will only be processed after the Unit has accepted your donation request. A notification will be sent to you to complete your payment. For all other donations made, your payment will be processed immediately. 

Completion of Task

For safety reasons during COVID-19, all tasks will be completed by our Scouts during Phase 3 or when permissible by regulatory authorities. We aim for them to be completed by June 2021 and will notify you on the task completion by email.

Our Partners

Blossom Seeds
Food From the Heart
Nature Society
The Food Bank Singapore
Very Special Arts
Willing Hearts